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Here below is an English summary from the website of THE AIDS ORGANIZATION OF ICELAND


The AIDS Organization of Iceland was established on the 5th of December 1988. The main goal was to offer support to people with HIV/AIDS and to increase knowledge and understanding about HIV/


The office is open mon.-thu. 12.00-16.00 hours.  The office and community centre are located at HVERFISGATA 69, 101- REYKJAVНK ICELAND


The Red Ribbon is the organizations magazine and is published annually in a large edition. It is distributed free of charge to schoolґs and to most official institutions and establishments.


 A social councellor is available for appointments. Sigurlaug Hauksdуttir our social councellor is at our community house on Wednesdayґs from 14.00-16.00 hours. every week except on holidays. It is advised to make an appointment at our office in beforehand by calling 552-8586.


The organization offers education and preventive work to schoolґs and other groups that seek information on HIV/AIDS.. Our representativeґs are HIV positive and therefore have first hand experience on the matter.. In their lectures they address the issues of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Main lecturer is Ingi Rafn Hauksson..


The borad concists of 7 people. Chaiman is Birna Thordardottir. The board is elected  at the general meeting in February each year.


Executive director is Jуn Helgi Gнslason    


Membership fee is 2.200  Icelandic crowns per year.

It is possible to make a contribution to the cause. The bank accout is; 0517-26-203485 


Members are around 300. all thouse interested can become members, The Red Ribbon badge (metal) is available at the office at 500-  per piece. Group counceling and self- help groups meet at the community house, they meet mostly over the winter months. AA meetings are bi- weekly. For further information call the office.



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